alex pachon

Hello! Is this where I´m supposed to talk about how good I am? :)
My name is Alex and I´m from a city called Badajoz, right on the border with Portugal. I combine personal projects as a director with freelance work in motion graphics and visual effects for films and broadcast. I´m always looking to expand myself in terms of knowledge and profesional experiences. I´ve lived in Barcelona, Madrid, Portugal and Brazil.
I am currently based in the UK, but am open to working abroad.

Canal+, laSexta, Chello Multicanal, Canal Extremadura TV, SOHO35, Olympic Broadcasting Service, ArtFutura, Accproducciones, GIZ, Ajuntament de Barcelona, laruinaGráfica, Deboom studio, Batabat, UOC, Teatro La Abadia, Evasión digital, GrupoROS, Trovideo, Orange productions, Colours comunication group, New Atlantis, Delta Cafés, Salada Films, Rompeolas Visual Effects, Kotobuki, Europroducciones, Monofilms, Acid Media...